Frequently Asked Questions

The County Development Plan (CDP) sets out the overall strategy and vision for the proper planning and sustainable development of the county over the six-year plan period.

The Plan is being prepared in the context of the framework of national and regional strategies and guidelines, and must be prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended). Chapter 1 of the Draft Plan sets out more detail in relation to the legislative context and structure of the Draft Plan.

The Plan consists of a written statement and accompanying maps. The new County Development Plan will be a material consideration in making decisions on future planning applications.

More details relating to the Development Plan process can be found here.

The County Development Plan consists of two volumes and a number of accompanying strategies, as well as Environmental Reports. The content of the Draft Plan is as follows:

  • Volume I: Written Statement
  • Volume II: Settlements, Village and Area Plans and Associated Maps
  • Housing Strategy
  • Renewable Energy Strategy
  • Retail Strategy
  • Landscape Character Assessment
  • Record of Protected Structures
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Appropriate Assessment
  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

A Joint Urban Area Plan (JUAP) for Athlone will be prepared by Roscommon and Westmeath County Councils.

This JUAP will cover the entire settlement of Athlone including the Monksland/Bellanamullia area and there will be opportunities to make submissions at that time.

Local Area Plans (LAPs) for Roscommon town and Boyle will be prepared in the near future. These LAPs will include zoning for these towns and there will be opportunities to make submissions at that time.

A Joint Local Area Plan for Cortober/Carrick-On-Shannon will be prepared with Leitrim County Council in the near future. This LAP will include zoning for the town and there will be opportunities to make submissions at that time.

The Draft Plan can be viewed in full on our dedicated website, www.rosdevplan.ie.

While Covid 19 related restrictions are in place, in person viewing of the Draft Plan at the Planning Department, Aras an Chontae, Roscommon is by appointment only.

The draft will also be available at the Municipal District Offices in Athlone (Monksland) and Boyle as well as the Area Offices in Ballaghaderreen, Castlerea and Strokestown, subject to their re-opening to the public.

To make an appointment to view the plan, please contact the Planning Department at 090 6637175 or by e-mailing planning@roscommoncoco.ie.

Note – Appointments are offered subject to attendees adhering to the Covid 19 protocols in place.

A webinar event will be held on the 26th May at 14:30 and will give an overview of the Draft Plan and guidance on how to make a submission. Members of the public can register for this event here. There is an opportunity to ask a question at registration and there will also be a question and answers session on the day.

Taking account of the COVID-19 restrictions, ‘Virtual Planning Clinics’, using MS Teams will be provided if there is a specific policy query on the Draft Plan. To arrange a 30 minute appointment please contact the Planning Department by e-mailing forwardplan@roscommoncoco.ie. You are advised to contact the Forward Planning team early in the public consultation period to make an appointment.

Yes – all Draft Plan documents are provided on our website www.rosdevplan.ie as downloadable PDFs.

The complete Draft Plan is available to purchase the Planning Department at 090 6637175 or by e-mailing planning@roscommoncoco.ie.

A Development Plan sets out the policy objectives for an area.

Settlement Plans have been prepared for the towns of Ballaghaderreen, Castlerea, Elphin and Strokestown and are included in Volume II of the Draft CDP. These plans and associated zoning maps will guide future development proposals that may arise in these towns.

Development occurs when a developer (public or private), or an individual, proposes and obtains the relevant planning permission. This ‘development management’ process is separate to the Development Plan making process. Proposed development is required to accord with the provisions of a Development Plan.

Anyone or any group.

Submissions or observations may be made either:

(a) In writing to: Planning Department, Roscommon County Council, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon, F42 VR98. (Correspondence to be marked ‘Draft Roscommon County Development Plan 2021 – 2027’)


(b) In electronic format on the dedicated website at www.rosdevplan.ie

Please note submissions or observations that are emailed cannot be considered and will be returned. Please also note that participation in a Virtual Planning Clinic does not constitute a submission or observation.

For details on how to make an online submission click here

Yes. Every submission will be published, in full, online here.

The Draft Plan is currently in its Public Consultation phase which must run for a minimum of 10 weeks.  We will be accepting submissions/observations on the Draft Plan up to and including Friday 2nd July 2021.

A Chief Executive’s Report on all submissions received must then be prepared.  Once completed, this report is issued to the elected members who consider the report and its recommendations.

At this point the elected members may make further amendments to the Plan or may adopt the Plan.

If further material amendments are made there is another shorter round of public consultation for 4 weeks when the public and interested parties would again have an opportunity to make a submission specifically on the proposed amendments.

If you do not agree with the addition of your property / structure to the RPS or if you think an amendment is required to the name / address / description of the structure, please make a submission on the Draft Plan. Please ensure to clearly identify the structure in question in your submission.

An Architectural Conservation Area (ACA) is a place, area, group of structures or townscape that is of special architectural, historical, archaeological, technical, social, cultural, or scientific, interest, or that contributes to the appreciation of a Protected Structure. An ACA aims to identify and protect areas of special significance and promote an awareness of this significance.

Further details with regard to the ACA’s proposed to be designated as part of the Draft Plan can be found in Volume I, Chapter 9 of the Draft Plan.

If you consider that further adjustment to the boundary of a proposed ACA is required, please make a submission on the Draft Plan.

In the event that your query has not been covered here, please contact the Planning Department by e-mailing forwardplan@roscommoncoco.ie.


The list of FAQs do not purport to be a legal interpretation of the Planning and Development Act 2000, (as amended) and are simply for information purposes.